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This is a party political roleplaying sim, which has been running in various forms since 2007.

Rule Britannia is a free Parliament simulation where players role play a member of any mainstream political party.

Join the Government or the Opposition, work your way up the ranks, make a name for yourself and help your party ride a wave of public support!

Debate with other players on policy, bills before Parliament and on how best to run the country. How should the National Health Service be reformed? How do you reduce crime? What should Britain's schools look like?

You can take control and see if you can be better than the real-life Government in running the country. Get the press on your side, tweak the budget and handle any crises that arise. You too can experience politics at it's best (and worst!) Rule Britannia is a leading online simulation of the British political system, presently set in 1992.

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